Questions? We've got answers...


+ How do I book at Skypad?

Attendance at a Skypad is by application only. If you'd like to come to Skypad, apply to attend. We read every application, and actively seek out leading thinkers and doers across a wide range of fields.

+ Is there an application fee?

Absolutely not.

+ What is the application process like?

Each applicant is vetted by our team. We ask a few questions upfront and contact those who qualify. We may ask you for a short phone interview.

+ I've been to Skypad. Do I need to apply again?

No. Just reach out to us and we'll assist you with your new booking.



+ What's included?

Prices vary based on your selected accommodation, but every booking includes the following:

  • Eight days at our luxury jungle villas
  • Staff: chef, maid, concierge and tour guide
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared in-villa
  • Guided outdoor adventures through the week
  • Daily 4-hour focused-work sessions
  • Daily fireside chats in the evenings
  • Guided meditation three times per day
  • Transportation to/from the airport and adventures
  • Use of villa's private pool and main pool

+ What's not included?

  • Airfare and travel insurance
  • Spa services and optional tours
  • Staff gratuity


+ Where is Skypad located?

Just south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 20°35'36.7"N 105°14'22.2"W

+ How far is Skypad from the airport?

About a 25-minute drive from PVR.

+ How far is Skypad from downtown PV?

About a 3-minute drive to Zona Romantica, the southern end of town.

+ How far is Skypad from restaurants and shopping?

Also about a 3-minute drive. Zona Romantica is a thriving hotspot for restaurants, shopping and nightlife.



+ How do I get to Skypad?

Airport transfers are included with your stay. You will be picked up at the airport and chauffeured to Skypad.

+ How do I get to the activities?

Transportation to and from all activities is also included in your package and will be provided for you.

+ Is Skypad accessible to people with limited mobility?

Unfortunately not. Skypad is perched on a steep hill and requires walking up and down stairs. The villas have three floors and require the use of staircases to access all bedrooms. The Skypad experience is designed for people in search of some kind of adventure and require a basic level of physical fitness.


Check-in and check-out

+ At what time is checkin?

3:00 PM

+ At what time is checkout?

11:00 AM



+ Is it safe to visit Mexico?

Though Americans have been advised recently to travel to Mexico with caution, Puerto Vallarta hasn’t been affected by crime. Cartel-related crime is local to other regions of Mexico far away from PV. Puerto Vallarta is considered the safest city in Mexico, with a low crime rate that most American cities envy, and 4 million tourists in 2017 alone to prove it.

+ Is it safe to visit Skypad?

Skypad is located inside a gated compound patrolled by 24/7 security that has never experienced crime.


+ How does work happen at Skypad?

Every day we wake up to breakfast followed by outdoor activities followed by lunch. After lunch, you'll do four hours of focused work. After work we have dinner, and after dinner we set time aside for fireside chats.

+ What are focused work sessions like?

Focused work sessions are about working on important problems or ideas, not email, calls or other pressing tasks. Work happens at the villa from a table overlooking the ocean, from a daybed on the deck, a sofa in the open living room, poolside from a sun bed or one of the other inspiring spaces we set up for you to work without distractions.

+ What are fireside chats like?

Fireside chats are informal, after-dinner discussions with your group. The intent is to share ideas and solutions to problems that you're working on and to receive fresh perspectives that can catalyze new opportunities. You also get to share your perspective on ideas that your group is working on.

+ How does spending time in nature help with work?

Spending time in nature is scientifically proven to create a sense of time abundance which helps people slow down, destress and find inspiration. Time outside is also scientifically proven to boost memory, help overcome creative blocks, increase brain function and lift mood. This is why focused work sessions and fireside chats are always preceded by time outside.

+ How fast is your WiFi?

100 Mbps.



Beaches and pools

+ How far is the beach from Skypad?

Skypad is located about five blocks from some of the bay's most beautiful beaches.

+ Is the ocean swimmable? Is it safe to swim?

Yes the ocean is swimmable, clean and safe most of the time. Like everywhere else, sometimes we're exposed to swells and changes in currents that give us larger waves, stronger tides and murky water but they often last a few short days.

+ Is the ocean warm enough to swim?

The water is warm enough all year long: low 70s in the winter, and mid-80s in the summer.

+ Is the beach sandy or rocky?

Both. We are very fortunate to have beautiful rock formations and natural spits as well as pure sand with small waves that make it ideal for swimming.

+ Do you have a swimming pool or jacuzzi?

Each villa has its own private soaker pool engulfed by jungle. The compound offers a main pool and cabana shared by all villas opposite to the river that runs through the property. The Penthouse Suites feature a jacuzzi.


Meals and beverages

+ Do you serve alcohol?

No. We don't encourage or recommend it as it interferes with the objective of the trip. However, we are not going to stop you from bringing your own alcohol for consumption at the villa. We serve "aguas frescas," a variety of light, refreshing drinks popular in Mexico that are made with fruit, seeds, cereals or flowers.

+ What kind of food do you serve?

Our menu has the following profile:

  • Tasty - it must be delicious
  • Creative - it must be unique
  • Nutritious - it must fuel your physical and mental demands
  • Easy to digest - it must not rob you of energy or make feel heavy
  • Sustainable - it must promote responsible consumption

Our menu includes delicious interpretations of Mexican dishes you've probably never tried before. It is also plant-based to provide the most efficient fuel, fastest recovery time and most sustainable alternative.

+ I'm allergic to gluten, peanuts, etc., can you help?

Of course. When you book, we'll ask about your food allergies and be sure to omit anything that might trigger them from your meals.



+ How many villas do you have?

Six at present.

+ How many rooms do you have?

Twenty four in total. Six Penthouse Suites, six premium rooms and twelve standard rooms.

+ Which rooms have king beds?

Every single room can be setup with either a king bed or two twin beds.

+ Can you accommodate three or four people in a room?

No. Maximum capacity is two people per room.

+ Do rooms have privacy?

All the accommodations we offer have wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling retractable glass. However, decks and gardens are quite private and every room features blackout blinds for complete privacy.

+ What rooms have ocean views?

The Penthouse Suites only. The rest of the rooms have garden views.

+ Do rooms have desks?

No. Research suggests good sleep requires a clear separation between sleeping quarters and workspace so we purposefully excluded desks from our rooms. However, the Penthouse Suites do have seating area throughout including a large deck where work can happen.

+ Do rooms have TVs?

There are no TV screens anywhere in the villas. Watching TV before bed has been proven to disrupt sleep. We also want to take away as many distractions as possible so you can invest your time enjoying the outdoors, doing focused work and discussing important ideas with interesting people.

+ Can I share my room?

Yes. Provided your roommate is also approved, you can share your room for an additional charge.



+ What's the weather like?

Puerto Vallarta has a tropical climate with nearly constant temperature and humidity year round. The rainy season runs from June through Mid-October and offers sunny days with short bursts of rain, usually in the evenings, slightly higher temperatures and humidity, stunning sunsets and awe-inspiring lightening. The rest of the year PV offers milder weather with virtually no precipitation.

+ When is the best time to come to PV weather-wise?

It depends on what you like. November through April is cooler and less humid. It's also the peak tourist season so there are more tourists visiting. May to October is a bit hotter and more humid. It's also rainy season, which generally means 30-60-minute showers in the evening, otherwise sunshine and epic sunsets. It's also quieter and more pleasant around town.


Staff gratuities

+ Are tips customary in Mexico?


+ How can we leave a tip?

At the end of your stay, we'll email you with a link to a page where you can leave a tip. That tip will be distributed to every member of our staff who contributed to making your stay a positive experience.

+ How much do other guests leave?

On average, guests leave 5% of the cost of their stay.


What to bring/not bring

+ What should I bring?

  • a great attitude and an open mind
  • laptop, tablet, notebook, inspiring books, kindle
  • a project or idea to work on
  • sunscreen and mosquito repellent
  • beachwear, sunglasses and flip flops
  • sneakers to go hiking
  • passport
  • ATM cards and credit cards
  • cameras and video cameras

+ What should I leave behind?

  • your troubles, stress and bad vibes
  • email, phone meetings, reports and other routine tasks