Who we are

In a world where A.I. is replacing human labor, where distraction is the norm, and where burnout is reaching epidemic levels, we believe thinking creatively, doing focused work, and working in a peak state is the most powerful way to lead.

Richard Branson. Steve Jobs. Jeff Bezos. Bill Gates. These self-made billionaires understand and invest in the scientifically-proven idea that spending time outside inspires creativity, improves mood, and sharpens mental focus. Branson lives, works and has dreamt up hundreds of ventures from his private island. Jobs notoriously sequestered his team in beach locations to work on Apple's most iconic products. Bezos invested $4 billion on a rainforest campus in the middle of downtown Seattle to help Amazon employees "think big." Gates built a tree-house campus just outside of Microsoft's headquarters to improve employee focus and creativity.

Welcome to the future of work. And if your own private island or nature campus is not in the cards just yet, you can escape the office and come to Skypad, where you can get into the right state of mind, work on the big picture, and get the creative inspiration you need to do your best work yet.

What we value


Inventing a future that does not yet exist.


Prioritizing the important over the unimportant.


Loving what we do.


Giving more than we take.


Exploring ideas from a variety of vantage points.